The next 5 images are of a project for a university in Wisconsin.  A path of Ruby Red Granite blocks move from a large, pierced, up-right stone, through the building to a triangular shaped space.   A cutout symbolic river flows through each stone.  A word, the letters of which become a design element, appearing and disappearing depending on the light, is engraved into each stone.  From the windows in the stairwell from the upper floors the placement of the eight stones in the triangular area  traces a question mark. The blocks serve as benches.
The last image is a different project.

The following sculpture consists, primarily of two monolithic red granite stones, one at the north entrance has a symbolic river cut into its front face. The second stone is in the rain garden, receiving the runoff from the “green-roof”  A cut channel, carries the flow down the stone and into a highly polished basin and then down the stone to the ground below. Two long bench stones with the cut river running through them line the edge of the rain garden along the walkway.